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HIGHLY RECOMMEND BOB'S MOBIL REPAIR! My car, a 2014 Chevy Cruze (nearly 90,000 miles on it) suddenly started having all these different alerts flashing on the panel (you know, where the speedometer, gas gauge, odometer, etc. are. And there was this nasty smoke coming into the interior of my car (from the engine). I took it to another repair shop first. They had it for a couple of days. Keep in mind, it was very evident that oil was leaking from the manifold. So, I was told that they had determined all of the alerts & radio going off & on & off again...was actually caused by the battery (it was probably the original on. I was told that they'd clean all the oil off the engine, put dye on it & find the leak. They said that there was no leak, but I really needed to replace ALL of the hoses ($1,400) because they were damaged from the leak (the leak they'd just told wasn't there). I ended up paying them about $560. And that was JUST for removing & replacing the Battery & steaming off engine! So, I took mycar to Bob (Bob's Mobil). He fixed the leak (replaced the Manifol Gasket and said I will need to replace a coupleofthe hoses that were damaged by the leaking oil dripping down on them. BUT, he suggested I take my car & just dtive it locally a couple of weeks & bring it back so he can make sure there's no leak. Then, he'll tell me which hoses need replacing.Such an honest man & great mechanic! And, he only charged me about $250! And, he actually FIXED my car's problems! I'm definitely going back for any & all car problems from now on

— Google Review

So happy we found Bob! Such a great experience! He really went over and beyond any other mechanic I brought my car too

— Google Review

Better then expected, should’ve called this place first

— Google Review

Very very nice people to work with To find a mechanic you can trust is very valuable

— Google Review

Have been taking my car to Bob's for many years. Service & prices clearly explained, never worried about being taken advantage of. I was happy to see that they are an essential business during these uncertain times.

— Google Review

My time was short taking my Saturn Vue in for brake & Lamp inspection. It didn't pass. Mr. Darryl was very helpful. And I enjoyed the german shepherd was so friendly will return

— Google Review

Very pleasant group of guess there.. and Darryl will have u cracking up.

— Google Review

I'll definitely be coming back here for all my car needs people this the place to be great service fast friendly

— Google Review

Bob was so wonderful!! Thank you for the convenience of serving my car at home!!

— Google Review

Definitely my New go to shop. Very good customer service and Great Mechanics who got the JOB done accurately and in a very timely fashion. Thank you guys very much...

— Google Review

Great place for repair

— Bill N.

Excellent experience bob is wonderful. After this vist i brought my other car to him to get repairs on it done. He has my total conference. I have finally found a shop i can trust.

— Robert G.

"Great place"

— JoAnn U.

"Honest thorough and the work is guaranteed. Got me back on the road in my time of need. Quality work at a fair price."

— Chuck B.

"Quality parts used & service that is backed up. Friendly & courteous staff & awesome german shepherd that loves to play!"

— Jeanette H.

"My car broke down on a trip and i got stuck in Vallejo. I'm on a budget. I called around a few different towing places they all quoted $200-$400 bucks! I dont think so. I called a few different auto repair shops. They all quoted above $100 just to look at it i remember Genes auto repair was $130. I found bobs mobil repair on yelp and i looked at the website. It looked nice so I called in and to look at it was $50 bucks and if i decided to accept the work it would go towards the total. They also have a towing service they use so I didnt have to figure that out and the tow was $75. Great. I felt they were honest about the pricing when i asked about the labor and parts pricing. He listened patiently to my story of my car lol. My car was done within 24 hours. sidenote: they dont accept american express. I feel like I'm taken advantage as a young woman at a lot of auto repair places but a family member of mine is a mechanic and he lets me know what are fair prices. I find it hard to find honesty in this business. Thank you Bob's Mobil Repair!"

— Jessica G.

"Like everyone else, I require competence and integrity in an auto service center. The competence to identify the problem and resolve it without wasting money and time, and the integrity to always do the right thing and be upfront with the customer. Bob Haskett has done just that – at the same location – since 1989. His performance is why I've trusted my cars and trucks to Bob and his staff for almost a decade now - and why I bought a Nissan Pathfinder from him a couple of years ago. Bob's business standards and ethics aren't just high; they're above reproach. The shop also has the perfect balance of the latest in automotive repair technology and the years of experience of Bob and his staff that produces rapid problem identification and solving you won't find quickly – if at all – in any manual or on any computer. And they're great people, too. I'm a picky consumer; my friends often say unreasonably picky. I demand things to be done right without BS, excuses or upselling pressure. But hey - I work hard for my money. And like everyone else in these tough times, I can't afford to waste even a dollar. For my money, there is no better auto repair shop in the Vallejo area at any price -- and there's no higher quality-to-price ratio anywhere, either."

— Alan Doyle

"Bob's Mobil Repair is an excellent shop. The knowledge base that you get here is immeasurable. You are getting skilled service and most importantly you are getting honesty. You can trust that the quotes that you get are not inflated and you are going to be recommended the best course of action. They treat you great, whether you drive a luxury car or an old rust bucket that needs to be put down… I've had them change head gaskets, intake manifolds and brakes. This is my favorite shop in Vallejo."

— Justin S.

"Would assist a bit if some prices were posted like, oil change or tune up or specific inspections, otherwise overall atmosphere inviting, technicians knowledgeable, and front desk staff very helpful."

— Joshua Francois

"The owner Bob was really kind and honest when looking at my van today, free of charge! I was relieved to find that nothing was wrong with my vehicle. Not like most mechanics who can be downright money hungry. I will definitely be going back and Im glad to have finally found an honest shop! Thanks Bob"

— Brittany H.

"Bob's crew were very professional, polite and informative. The mechanic rode with me so he could get to know the exact noise I was hearing coming from the car. Afterwards an inspection to determine what was causing the noise and then a quick repair got me back on the road in no time flat. Darryl and Boaz make door greeters. Would recommend checking out this mechanic shop if your automobile needs a doctor. Thanks guys!"

— Shaurita L.

"They went out of their way to give me a ride home and back to the shop! I really appreciate the service I received."

— L.A. Vallejo, CA

"Bob it's always a pleasure to have work done on my car. His crew is amazing."

— Benito Selim

"I've known Bob for 30 years and he has worked on a number of cars for us and our family during that time. He is an honest mechanic. When was the last time you saw those two words in the same sentence? I love Yelp for restaurant recommendations but their filtering system is a complete mystery to me. There are more than twice as many filtered reviews which are overwhelming positive - mostly 5 stars - while the smaller number of reviews that appear online are mostly negative. This seems grossly unfair to hardworking small business people. It will be interesting to see whether Yelp filters out my review. I certainly hope not!"

— Monti S.

"I took my Cadillac Deville there to get my power steering pressure hose, and a serpentein belt installed, they did a real good job, they have good prices, there honest, and i also need a new rack and pinion, and they quoted me a real good price for parts and labor. Thanks I have had lots of work done at this shop over the past few years. work is done right the first time prices are fair. As a woman I really want a shop that I can trust & I know I will NOT be taken advantage of at Bob's Mobil! Quality service that is backed up. Friendly from the front office to the shop. I HIGHLY recommend Bob's Mobil. Congratulations Bob's Mobil Repair on receiving the Vallejo Times Herald "Best of 2011" for Auto Service and Auto Mechanic, you guys deserve it! You get my vote & keep up the great work! Bob's Mobil Repair has maintained our service vehicles for over 15 years. The service has always been performed in a professional and timely manner. I have referred many people to Bob's Mobil and all have been pleased with the quality and integrity of the service."

— Dale Hellquist

"Bobs is very honest,& fair I would recommend to anyone."

— Virgil Colquitt

"Brake and lamp inspection went smoothly highly recommended."

— Google User Review

"Darryl and Bob are really nice guys"

— Google User Review

"Clean building, professional mechanic, and most Importantly HONEST owner. My vehicle drove so much better after the repairs where completed and I passed my smog test! I will take make cars in for service there from now on. One big plus is that the bathrooms are clean! Yep. I highly recommend their services."

— Google User Review

"Honest, knowledgeable, experienced, patient, and a sense of humor. Quality work, authentic people"

— Google User Review

"Inspection I was looking at a used car to purchase and the owner (BOB) was able to fit me in and inspect the vehicle. His info was must useful in my decision. I shared with the owner and that helped me get the vehicle at a lower price! I’m so glad I went to BMR! He is honest, thorough and explained in terms I understood and can explain as well. 🥳🤗🤩"

— Google User Review

"Brake and lamp inspection went smoothly highly recommended"

— Google User Review

"Clean building, professional mechanic, and most Importantly HONEST owner. My vehicle drove so much better after the repairs where completed and I passed my smog test! I will take make cars in for service there from now on. One big plus is that the bathrooms are clean! Yep. I highly recommend their services."

— Google User Review

"Service was properly priced and efficiently done."

— Google User Review

"Repaired an Isuzu SUV for me that was not passing smog inspection. They did an amazing job!"

— Google User Review

"Very professional and informative they took the time to teach me more about my car followed up with me efficiently and fast his team was great"

— Google User Review