Meet the Team at Bob's Mobil Repair in Vallejo

Shop History

At Bob’s Mobil Repair, our mission is to provide exceptional service and repair, with honesty and integrity, while making every customer feel like family. Keep reading to learn more about our shop, technicians, and staff.

When Bob Haskett started Bob’s Mobil Repair in 1984, he actually was a “mobile” mechanic. Loaded with tools and his dog Turbo in his Ford van, he would travel to a customer’s home or business and repair their vehicles. Business grew, and Bob upgraded his mobile repair vehicle to a Metro step van, and business continued to grow. He rented a space at an auto body shop for larger repairs. The need for a larger, stable facility only became more apparent, and Bob traded in his mobile repair van for a shop location at 1081 Sonoma Boulevard in 1989.


About Bob Haskett

When Bob was in high school, he got a job pumping gas at a local station in Benicia. He started taking an auto repair class in school, and soon, he was doing minor repair work at the station. After graduating from Benicia High in 1975, he attended Solano College for three years where he took classes in the automotive trade.

In 1978, he was hired at Kaiser Steel in Napa working on heavy equipment. Bob found himself at a crossroads when confronted with a major layoff at the company, and thus he began Bob’s Mobil Repair!

Bob has been married to his wife, Jeanette, since 1981. He enjoys traveling, fishing, and helping people.

Meet Our Staff & Mechanics

Service Writer

Darryl, Service Writer

Darryl, our Service Writer, brings S.W.S.(service with a smile). He has 20 years of experience in customer service. Happily married for 5 years. His preferences are-J.P.J.(jazz-people-jokes). Be ready for his acronyms and similes. Stop by and find out why you are like Jello in the refrigerator.


Susan, Bookkeeper

Susan brings 17 years of customer service experience to the team at Bob's along with her Associates Degree in accounting. Susan enjoys painting, classical music, and foreign films. Her idea of going fishing is eating sushi.


Boaz, Mascot

In December 2012 we adopted a German shepherd puppy. Many of you gave us suggestions as to what we should name him and we want to thank you. After much consideration we decided to name him "Boaz" which means "In Strength" and now that he is 75lbs it fits him well! He is of Czech descent and has Schutzhund 1, 2 and 3 titles in his line. He has been coming to work with me so feel free to stop in and meet Boaz.


Vic Owens, Technician

It is with joy and sadness that I would like to inform you, after 33 years at 2601 Springs Road, I have decided to close Brooks' Automotive. I am leaving my current location due to a business opportunity that presented itself. Earlier this year a gasoline distributor inquired about leasing the property and restoring the gasoline business, however they did not want the fueling islands without the use of the building. After careful consideration and deliberation I decided to accept their offer. I began my start here as a mechanic in 1985 and with the great help and mentoring of the previous owner, George Perry, I was able to purchase the business from George in 1992. I then eventually purchased the property from the Exxon Company in 1997. Throughout the years many of you will remember our different names, Brooks Texaco, Brooks Exxon, Brooks Olympian, Brooks Spirit, and after we stopped pumping gas, we just became known as Brooks Automotive. A lot of you watched me grow up and some of you helped me along the way. It has been an enjoyable journey and I would like to thank everyone for their trust in allowing me the opportunity to service and repair your vehicles over the years.

I would now like to take this time to inform you that I will still be working on cars at a new location here in Vallejo. I will be joining forces with my brother in-law Bob Haskett at his full service auto repair shop. I have known Bob since I was 15 years old when I first met his sister Anita, now my wife. His shop, BOBS' MOBIL, is located at 1081 Sonoma Boulevard, right across the street from the Vallejo Humane Society. Bob has been in the auto repair business since 1981 and has been repairing vehicles longer than I have. Over the years he and I would occasionally refer vehicle repair to each other for various reasons. That will no longer be necessary now as we are both under the same roof. His shop is as versed as we were with all the same capabilities and a few more. Between myself, Bob, and his employees I won't say we've seen it all, but I can assure you it's pretty darn close. I won't personally be answering the incoming calls that will be handled by Bobs' service writer Darrell, as I will be busy in the shop repairing vehicles. However, if you would like to talk with me all you will need to do is ask. You can still use the old phone number 707-644-9300 or the new shop number 707 644-3014. You can also use the Website to schedule repairs. I again would like to thank you all for your business, support, and loyalty throughout the years and look forward to seeing you at my new location.


Jorge Escobar, Technician

Hello my name is Jorge Escobar, I am 22 years old. I started working in the automotive field in Berkeley. Working mostly on German, Swedish and Japanese imports. On my off days I enjoy fishing, traveling and watching movies.